Robert Huth Says That He Has Now Retired And The Signing Story Of Derby County “Could Not Be False”

Robert Huth, the former defender of Leicester City and Chelsea says that he has now retired from the game of football and will not be playing anymore.

Robert Huth finally made an announcement about his retirement. He made this announcement while responding to a tweet to some speculation that he was expected to sign for the club of Derby County, and also with a swipe the legendary player Andy Murray!

The champion of Premier League of Leicester City has finally hung up his boots at the age of 34 years. It is known to everyone that he is not associated with any club since he left the club of Foxes at the end of last year. But his next step was never certain or confirmed.

But after he saw his name being linked with the club of Derby by an agent of football on Twitter, he made it very clear that he will not play again. The player who is now 34 years old has not played for any club since he left the club of Leicester city in the season of summer, and the club allowing his contract to expire after 3 ½ years.

After his announcement, “Robert changed his bio on Twitter to reference his own reputation in his days of playing“. Robert has won the “title of Premier League“ 2 times with Leicester and once with Chelsea.

The final part of his Twitter’s post appeared to be in the reference to Andy Murray, the well-known tennis player becoming tearful at the time when he revealed his plans of retirement earlier on this day. He was also not able to play a 1st team game in his last season at the club of Foxes because of foot and ankle injuries that he sustained.