Robert Huth Talks about Mourinho’s Expletive Rant

Jose Mourinho, the former manager of Manchester United had two turns with London Club. There he went on to mean 3 titles in the FA Cup and the Premier League. The Portuguese boss had been sacked in both these occasions, every time following 3 seasons in capital. However, the fifty-six-year-old had been associated with Premier League return at the Newcastle. Jose Mourinho is popular for his brutal management style and Paul Pogba had been privy to this.

Robert Huth had been at Chelsea when Jose Mourinho, the Portuguese manager had come from Porto and he has talked about one of the members of the staff during the early training session. He said that Mourinho had sent off a staff. The team was in possession of the game but due to some reason, the staff had committed a mistake as he threw the ball in the wrong direction. Mourinho had stopped the ball and said had sworn him to get in. this was how the coach was like said, Huth. After this, he went on to explain the kind of effect that this incident had on Chelsea. Thus, the team started to feel that if he does this to a coach, it can’t be imagined what is going to be done to the player.