Robert Huth was recently sent off in a match against Sunderland and this has angered the Stoke boss Pulis.

In retaliation, he has decided to get hold of the DVD footage of the entire game so that he can have some sort of evidence and ensure that the matter is looked into during the review where he has mentioned about the red card being a complete wrong decision by the referee.

One of the standpoints of Pulis is that Robert had backed off from the tackle and in spite of the move; he was still made to leave the field with the show of a red card. This had sparked quite a bit of controversy amongst the team mates as well as the fans and the Stoke boss is adamant that this matter be taken up to the football governing bodies who will look into the matter and make the necessary deduction of the wrongful decision.

Referee’s decisions are quite uncertain at times as they manage to take one particular decision and manage to change on it the very next moment. This has not been the first time that such an allegation has gone against a referee for his wrongful decision and Pulis will ensure that Robert Huth is allowed back into the next game and given a subsequent offer for paying the penalty of a wrongful decision.

Pulis will make an official complaint to the FA as well as the authorities of the Premier League regarding this inconsistency and hope that he gets some feedback for his case that is put forward. The main reason for his effort is the fact that he cannot afford to lose players like Robert Huth who are pivotal players for the club’s performance.