Robert Huth may get Worst Decision from Football Association

The Football Association is expected to come up with a decision regarding Robert Huth later today and it is most likely that the Toffees centre half will be handed a suspension.

Huth appeared to be getting a little violent with the opposition player Marouane Fellaini in an away match against Manchester United last month.

Huth was angry with Fellaini for some reason and he seemed to be dragging him by his hairs.

The reaction on that was obviously not going to be polite from the Manchester United player. He lost his temper as well and elbowed Huth which was also an act of violence.

But, because of the fact that the provocation had come from Huth, he is being viewed as the bigger offender.

Louis Van Gaal, the Red Devils manager, also endorses that opinion.
As per Van Gaal, if somebody’s hair is pulled in the manner it was done, it’s only normal that the person will react.

However, in spite of him being provoked or whatever, elbowing someone is always condemnable and thus, for doing that, Fellaini is also under the microscope of the Football Association.
Generally, in these sorts of offences, the suspension happens to be of 3 matches.

If that is what has to happen in this case too, then Huth will have no further role to play in the on-going season as not more than 3 matches have left for Everton to play in the Premiership and they are not contending in any other competition.

However, talking about Manchester United, they are alive in FA Cup right now and are in the final which is on 21st of May. So, considering that, Fellaini’s season would not be over even if he has to be out for 3 matches as he can still take part in that final.