Son Heung-Min slammed by Robert Huth

Robert Huth was not impressed at all with the way the South Korean player Son Heung-Min acted to convince the referee that there was a foul made on him and ended up being awarded a penalty for that. The incident took place in the recent game between Tottenham and Arsenal when Son fell in the penalty area and seemed to be in quite a bit of pain which prompted the referee to make a decision in his favor.

According to Huth, it was pretty deliberate on Son’s part to exaggerate the situation like that and pretend as if it was paining, while that wasn’t the case. That penalty got converted as Harry Kane found the back of the net to give the Spurs a lead of 2-1. It seemed to be a very crucial moment in the game at that stage, but it didn’t prove to be the game defining moment at the end as the Gunners were able to equalize early in the second half and then went on to score two more goals to not only emerge victorious in the game, but also leave Tottenham behind in the Premiership standings.

Huth posted a tweet where he took a dig at Son. “Spurs penalty…what’s worse going down unchallenged or screaming in agony as if it really hurt.” The tweet read.

Ahead of that game, Tottenham was one position above Arsenal in the table. They had a 3-point advantage, “while the goal differential of the two teams was +12 each“. As Arsenal won, that margin of 3 points was neutralized, while their goal differential also went up to +14 as opposed to Tottenham “whose goal differential came “down to +10 resulting in them losing their no. 4 position to their local rivals.