Huth confident of good season

Leicester City defender Robert Huth believes that his team can enjoy a good season this term.

He said that there is a good atmosphere around the club and that the players are determined to win games this season.

He admitted that there are so many expectations around the club ever since they won the league and that this pressure can be suffocating at times. He said that it would be impossible for them to win the title again but they want to finish as high as they can.

The defender is currently sidelined for treatment after a surgery on an ankle. He said that it is a difficult thing to watch your teammates playing and cannot take part in the game.

Robert Huth said that he is confident he will be back to his best and be helpful to the team. He said that this is an important season for him and at his age, he wants to make sure that he has plenty of playing time.

He said that it has been a wonderful moment for him to have won the league with Leicester City and that he will do everything he can to help the team win trophies again.

He believes that the current season will be a competitive one as there are many teams that can win the title. He said that teams in the top six have all invested massively in new players and they will want to win trophies.

He believes that clubs such as Leicester City will want to have a go at a cup and make sure they go as far as they can. He said that some big clubs would tend to field weaker side during these tournaments and it might be an opportunity for them to win a trophy.