Robert Huth Due For New Contract

Robert Huth is being offered a new deal by Leicester.

The new deal would be part of the strategy of the club to secure the future of the squad that has won several titles. Leicester has seen Robert be a pivotal figure in lifting the trophy of the Premier League. He is now being offered a new contract by the club. The new contract comes before 12 months are over for the Leicester City player who has helped the club to be champions of the Premier League.

Due to the trophy winning performance of the club, they are ready to offer new contract terms for the German defender. He has played a pivotal role in the last season that turned out to be remarkable for the club. Huth had initially signed on a three year deal with a wage amount of £40,000 per week. He joined Stoke City for an amount of £3million. He emerged as a key member of the team at 31 years of age as soon as the last season began.

Hence, he has been earmarked as a player who will be given a pay rise this year. Most fans remember the moment that the club lifted the Premier League trophy. There were other players too, like Wes Morgan, Riyad Mahrez and others who are also expected to negotiate for a raise this summer. Huth had initially been signed on loan to the club which occurred in January. There had been a relegation threat which the player also helped the club immensely. Huth is definitely one of the players that the club wishes to retain and it is hoped that the negotiations will go well. While the club is ready to negotiate, they cannot pay as well as Chelsea, United or City but they are hopeful that they will provide great opportunities to these players if they play well.